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Tutor Tells of Programme's Successful Start

We spoke to Aberdare Community School’s tutor Mr Price about how he thought of his first few months of teaching the course and how his students have embraced the programme so far.

Mr Price has been impressed by the attendances of his students since the programme has been up and running.

He said, “With the learners being involved in an enjoyable course like this one we have noticed that the attainment levels have been extremely high with every student hitting Merit and Distinction targets.

“Not only have they been here their concentration levels have improved greatly while undertaking this programme.” He added

The mix of practical sport and classroom education has a positive effect on the learners with results already apparent. They’ve even had a little help along the way from some famous athletes.

The Aberdare tutor explained, “With the sport side of the course you can see that the learners are motivated. They now have an understanding of how their bodies work after the lessons and they motivated to do the right things, some learners have mentioned that they are already seeing the benefits.”

“The fitness testing they have been taking part in as given them a better understanding of how the body works and on top of that they are now training three or four times a week compared to just once with their clubs like they were doing before taking part in the programme. We have had a partnership with Breeze’s Gym, run by Commonwealth Gold medallist Michaela Breeze, so the group have experienced some proper strength and conditioning. You just don’t get with A Levels.”

Many of the learners plan to go to University after the course and planning has been made easier by the programme structure.

Mr Price said, “With the way that the programme is set up the learners know exactly what they need with their UCAS points and know exactly what they need to go to University after they finish.”

The whole school has been affected by the programme, both in the sporting arena and around the school itself.

“We have seen a vast improvement in the technical elements in both the football and rugby teams. The improvement by students on the course has benefitted the school as a whole with three people from our programme scoring for the school’s senior team in their recent Welsh Cup game against Barry Boys School.”

“We have noticed that the younger kids have been looking up to this group of learners as role models and many could follow this group in undertaking the programme.”

Mr Price was full of compliments for the staff at TVS Education, the company behind the programme. “The TVS Education sources have been really helpful in delivering the teaching and back up from the staff has been great, they are always there to help.”

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